The result of the March 2022 Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) is finally out!

May 02, 2022
Louis Liu, Pauline Nievera

Licensure Exam for Teachers has the biggest number of examinees every year. The Professional Regulation Commissions (PRC) and the Board of Professional Teachers (BPT) released the official list of the successful examinees on April 29, 2022.


10,039 elementary teachers out of 20,567 examinees (48.81%) successfully passed the LET. 246 are first timers and 9,793 are repeaters.


7,809 secondary teachers out of 18,717 (41.72%) examinees successfully passed the Licensure Examination for Teachers. 2,194 passers are first timers and 5,615 are repeaters.


The March 2022 LET seems to have been more competitive compared to the September 2021’s LET, which garnered passing rates of 55.96% for elementary teachers and 57.76% for secondary teachers.


To the successful examinees, Peer celebrates with you for this wonderful milestone and wishes you all the best in your career!


However, to the remaining 51.19% for the elementary teachers and 58.28% for the secondary teachers, fret not as Peer is with you!


We, at Peer, understand that passing the LET is by no means an easy feat given the increasing rigour and competition the said examination holds, but that is why Peer is offering its excellent reviewers partnered with their cutting-edge technology and amazing community, passing becomes an easier and a more enjoyable task with tons of new friends to meet!


To our new and future educators, join Peer’s mission into turning that 40 or so percent into 40 and beyond! Together with Peer and its community, we believe in you and we hope that you will make a great impact in building and shaping the minds of the next generation. Congratulations!

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